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Health Insurance

Financial security against all or part of the medical care expenses incurred treating illness or injury. Health insurance also includes coverage for preventive procedures.

Health insurance is a vital and soon-to-be-required financial tool for limiting your out-of-pocket expenses for medical care.

All of the health insurance plans offered today are based around networks of doctors, consisting of HMO, EPO, POS or PPO plans.

With EPO plans, a referral to a specialist is never required.

From a consumer’s perspective, HMO and EPO plans are very similar, as they provide in-network coverage only. Typically a referral is required to see an in-network specialist with HMO plans, although there are some exceptions. With EPO plans a referral to a specialist is never required.

In recent years, consumer confidence in POS and PPO plans with out-of-network coverage has been on the decline. The reason for this drop is a result of the reduction of the allowable fee schedule, formerly known as Usual, Customary and Reasonable (or “UCR”.) Basically, the gap between what out-of-network doctors are charging, and what insurance companies are allowing, has grown to the point that the insurance is virtually inadequate.

Health Insurance options vary by state. For example, in New York we have health insurance options for Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Groups of 2 or more (owners and employees). In Connecticut, we have health insurance options for Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Groups of two or more (owners and full time employees). Regardless of the state where you reside, we can help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

If you’re ready to talk with us about these options, give us a call or an e-mail, or use the form to the right.

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